About Social Brand Investments

Unique digital strategies for Unique small business
Based in Cape Town – Our Business Is to Capture an Audience and Deliver a Digital Strategy and a Social Media Plan using Advertising services and an online Public Relations service to our unique and valued Clients.


Digital Marketing


Gone are the days of punting static web pages and With the increasing complexity of devices, platforms, locations, and contexts, resulting in complex, activity-based ecosystems of online visitors, it is not a quick job to capture and influence the moments of truth during the journey.

Web Design & Development


Web sites designed to perform exceptionally across the board are proven to increase conversions. While many agencies consider this an after-thought, we design, build and host primarily for performance. Every 100ms of page load time leads to an average of 1% decrease in conversion rates, or around 7% reduction for every second of page load time.

Public Relations Services


We expand traditional PR to incorporate social media, content streams, events and marketing activation to attract positive and significant media coverage.

Brand Equity


It is essential to build a brand identity in a marketplace clouded by copies and generic products and services that distinguishes itself from rivals and suggests integrity, consistency and high reliability with a commitment to exceptional performance.

Social Media Management


We handle your account Management and assist with monitoring the platforms. We can take care of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on the platforms and assist you with a digital social media plan to fit your business needs.


Content Development


Content Development is the actions involved in the process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication. We can write the content for your website, blog or press releases. We source industry specific expertise along with good writing skills, so you can very well depend on us as a technical content writer. We take a briefing from you, and compile a +-2000-2400 word Article for your site.





Inventory Master Data Cleansing


We provide a Data cleansing, Enrichment and Optimization solution to improve the Client’s Supply Chain efficiency and Asset effectiveness. We support current or new Inventory management systems by ensuring clients have a clean, structured and comprehensive MRO or Retail database.



Storeroom Partnerships


Storeroom Partnership is an outsourced solution that lays the groundwork for a Supplier-Controlled Consignment Inventory and Preventive Maintenance plan. We provide a process flow that span the buy, store, use and dispose phases from new item set-up, to storeroom receiving, inventory stocking and obsolete stock identification.






Product Information Management (PIM)


Pull together fragmented product information scattered across vendors, suppliers, and applications into one central, trusted format and location where it can be managed and shared on an ongoing basis. Product Information Management help retailing, consumer goods and manufacturing to centralize, enrich and share product information across digital market channels.

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