Benir Holdings

HTML / Web Development

What a pleasure it is to work with experts in their field!

As with most of our work, we had to do quite a bit of research into the technical jargon and process flows of Benir Holding’s and the industry they operate in.

Although it is generally not a good idea to flood any website with an information overload, our Client wanted a functional static website with minor design concepts that is aimed at a highly technical market. This required us to design the entire site as a static website which is composed in HTML to accommodate the future expansion of their online store and mobile application.

Being a data-reference site, we had to present a lot of info in a way that the visitor could make sense of (but not be bored by) the company processes, procedures and structures.

On the upside, this gave us ample opportunity to build the relevant keywords into the site which will give it maximum exposure to rank highly in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

We gladly continue our excellent working relationship with Benir Holdings and look forward to build on our mutually beneficial relationship!


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