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Listen to the Audio Version. Just one of the ways we embrace the digital age!

When you think of audio news, one of three things probably comes to mind: radio, podcasts or headlines read via smart speaker. But is bringing you something new and exciting — audio articles. Instead of accessing these through a podcast app, our stories are made available on the webpage right above the print stories. There is no need to download any special software or app’s, simply click on the article player and listen to them.

A lot of us see online articles that we have every intention of reading – yet we all seem to have the same problem. The simple fact is that; reading takes time. We just can not find the time to read them all. So we conducted the research and paid special attention to how the book publishing market achieved widespread adoption and increased engagement. Publishers simply provided a solution to their readers by providing them with the ability to listen to the story while engaged in another activity, like being in the car, walking, cooking etc.

Needless to say, the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, and we decided to expand our audio articles on our website. Going forward, every story from our blog-posts will be re-created as an audio story, playable from within that article on your computer, digital devices or your smart speakers.

We want you to have full access to the compelling stories we have to tell – whether you are in the office, the gym or in the car. And we want you to experience the possibilities that your business can tap into to become a truly world-class contender in your industry.

Audio articles above our blog posts focus on user experiences.

All of our Audio articles are AI synthesized recordings of single stories that we write and publish and you will soon be able to listen to all of our archived written content on this blog. Although we are still in the developmental phase, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletters and get fresh articles on digital and marketing trends right in your mailbox. If you do not want to go through the endless emails in you mailbox then you can join our Telegram channel to have easy one click access to our content the moment these are published. This is a convenient way for you to use our insights and audio articles in your meetings or training sessions on digital marketing.

Audio articles are just another way we focus on experiences that ensure our subscribers can consume the full articles in whatever way is most convenient for them –

Listen to the Audio Version, embrace the digital age!

If, after this article, you’re still not sure where to start and how it all can work for your business, then talk to us. We’ll be able to explain what is possible, whether or not you should implement some of these tactics, how it will impact your business and what it would cost you. Go to the contacts tab and send us an email, or give us a call on 079 382 1818.