Communicate your services as a brand.

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In marketing a service, the term branding has been extended to mean the strategic personality you communicate about your service to make it distinctive in the minds of prospects. Getting a list of prospective clients is arguably the most targeted way you can begin to market your brand to the right audience.

Every independent consultant or service business is different, and all can benefit from a mix of the best ways to communicate your service as a brand. We normally focus on digital media since that is our area of expertise, but that by no means dispose of the value of the more traditional strategies which are necessary to for your Brand-building.

So, lets look at some other ways you can grow a lead list and establish your brand:

Direct Mail

Email is a key component of digital marketing. Study after study has shown that email beats every other form of online marketing in terms of ROI. Sending email and even snail mail to a targeted list of prospects with an offer is inexpensive and effective. The trick is to grow that list and the best way to build an email list is a website and social media. Almost all of the following initiatives underpin the value of getting detailed customer information for marketing and re-marketing your Brand.

Social media and websites

You must have a website and social media presence. If you are a consultant, a website should build credibility by demonstrating your expertise and services. Social media, like LinkedIn and YouTube, should supplement all your other brand marketing efforts. As much as we would like to convince you that digital marketing is the way to go, we have enough experience to understand that it should not BE your marketing. Start your digital marketing with something you are comfortable with and build from there.


The most effective lead generating tool for any business is networking. Almost all of our online efforts are build on this principle. Yet, attending business events with the intent of meeting others and offering to be of service to them generates face to face contact that seems to be a rare commodity these days. To get the most out of networking opportunities, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time. Learn what to research before a networking event so that when you get there, you can focus on making quality connections and leave with great leads.


Obtaining exposure through articles and interviews in newspapers, websites, blogs, books, trade journals, magazines, radio, and television is vital for specialists and thought leaders. Social media platforms like LinkedIn is a great starting point for embracing Business to Business opportunities and to establish contact with potential clients.

Traditional Advertising

Controlled media channels that you pay to get your branding message out in collateral, print ads, radio ads, internet ads, and TV ads are quite expensive but has a significant role to play in Consulting businesses. You should also include listings or advertising on as many online directories as possible which are published by associations representing your target audience.


These include speaking engagements, self-hosted workshops, webinars, online videos and live webcasts. Be generous in providing information on how prospects can solve their problems in general. Get questions answered as soon as customers ask them on a blog post. This enables you to answer and track customer thought patterns and FAQ’s. Use these lavishly in your presentations.

Trade Shows

Trade shows yield a significant range of professional benefits, especially networking opportunities. Purchasing space to set up a booth or table at a sponsored product and service expo. If this works in your trading environment, this is a great way for prospects to experience real-life humans that embody your brand.


Telemarketing is often seen as the ugly sister of marketing. And with good reason. No client wants to speak to a digital phone-call and the tendency to hire unskilled labor to try and sell, unwanted services to people who showed absolutely no interest in buying in the first place makes no sense at all. Having said this, we still believe there is a real opportunity to bring the integrity of a phone call back to life in a modern marketing strategy. Making a personal connection is key to turn qualified leads into sales. Make these calls count by doing it yourself or at the very least, by using skilled people that are experienced in your industry. Always connect through a subsequent face-to-face or Web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call and make sure that the client always speak to the same person. It still works wonders in terms of conversions.

Public Relations

All of the above traditional and modern marketing techniques have an element of public relations. It is vital to manage your brand’s image on various platforms to reach your clients where they spend the bulk of their time. We specialize in managing online PR initiatives and we would love to engage with to you to determine how we can bring your public image into the digital era.

If, after this article, you’re not sure where to start and how it all can work for your business, then talk to us. We’ll be able to explain what is possible, whether or not you should implement these tactics, how it will impact sales and what it would cost you. Please visit the contacts tab of this website and send us an email, or give us a call on 079 382 1818