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Based in Cape Town, South Africa – Our reason for getting up in the morning (and staying up very late at night) is to ensure your brand dominates the online, offline and social space.

Just like having a phone number does not equate to succeeding in business, having a website does not mean that your business has a digital strategy. A Digital strategy does not have to be an expensive exercise though and can easily be tailored to help even the small Entrepreneur. Our Business Is to Capture an Audience and Deliver a Digital Strategy and Social Media Plan using Co-Op Advertising services and an online Public Relations service to our unique and valued Clients.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Pull together fragmented product information scattered across vendors, suppliers, and applications into one central, trusted format and location where it can be managed and shared on an ongoing basis. Product Information Management help retailing, consumer goods and manufacturing to centralize, enrich and share product information across digital market channels.

Storeroom Partnerships

Storeroom Partnership is an outsourced solution that lays the groundwork for a Supplier-Controlled Consignment Inventory and Preventive Maintenance plan. We provide a process flow that span the buy, store, use and dispose phases from new item set-up, to storeroom receiving, inventory stocking and obsolete stock identification.






Inventory Master Data Cleansing

We provide a Data cleansing, Enrichment and Optimization solution to improve the Client’s Supply Chain efficiency and Asset effectiveness. We support current or new Inventory management systems by ensuring clients have a clean, structured and comprehensive MRO or Retail database.



Brand Equity

It is essential to build a brand identity in a marketplace clouded by copies and generic products and services that distinguishes itself from rivals and suggests integrity, consistency and high reliability with a commitment to exceptional performance.

Public Relations Services

We expand traditional PR to incorporate social media, content streams, events and marketing activation to attract positive and significant media coverage.

Digital Marketing

Gone are the days of punting static web pages and With the increasing complexity of devices, platforms, locations, and contexts, resulting in complex, activity-based ecosystems of online visitors, it is not a quick job to capture and influence the moments of truth during the journey.

Web Design & Development

Web sites designed to perform exceptionally across the board are proven to increase conversions. While many agencies consider this an after-thought, we design, build and host primarily for performance. Every 100ms of page load time leads to an average of 1% decrease in conversion rates, or around 7% reduction for every second of page load time.

Social Media Management

We handle your account Management and assist with monitoring the platforms. We can take care of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on the platforms and assist you with a digital social media plan to fit your business needs.


Content Development

Content Development is the actions involved in the process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication. We can write the content for your website, blog or press releases. We source industry specific expertise along with good writing skills, so you can very well depend on us as a technical content writer. We take a briefing from you, and compile a +-2000-2400 word Article for your site.





Recent Projects

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Our Business and Your Business


In contrast to a few years ago when entities would have focused on print media, radio and televisions, nowadays advertising and marketing has been digitized to the extent that qualified customers can get all the detailed information they need to make a purchase of virtually any product or service within minutes.

Thanks to technology the size of the population with access to the internet in South Africa continues to grow at a rapid pace. Customers also make use of this information to get the best reviews, pricing and they inform themselves thoroughly without a great deal of effort. It does not matter where they are, with the availability of data that may be accessed right away on every stage of the buying cycle it really calls for a well-planned strategy to stay ahead of the sheer number of competitors out there. This is a trend that has substantially impacted the approach in which Brands market their merchandise. No longer are there just a few competitors out there, and if you are still advertising with the “shotgun approach” your brands will certainly disappear in all the noise.

Online visitors across all demographics spend the biggest part of their time online. Do you think it will be wise for a business to maintain making an investment only on traditional marketing strategies? That will  surely be ridiculous and not to mention – extraordinarily pricey, assuming you are on a tight marketing budget, wouldn’t it? This is why organizations lately opt for targeted virtual marketing effort that have higher conversion rates even with lower advertising budgets. Digital agencies can help Small business gain considerably by means of employing digital marketing strategies that can even make them extremely competitive in markets dominated by large corporations.

Digital marketing involves the use of several approaches to bring about a steady growth of the business. Our focus ensures you are marketing to the very client that is presently collecting information about the very services or products that you have on offer. We just need to deliver it to them on their favorite platform and device!

Why use a Digital Marketing Agency?

The difference between a digital marketing agency and a conventional marketing agency lies with measurable marketing and the concept of Return On Investment (ROI).

A digital marketing agency goes beyond the conventional marketing techniques and specializes in present day tactics including the use of skilled strategists and developers who work as a team to offer measurable outcomes in reaching an exceedingly targeted audience. We do not write off traditional techniques but instead integrate both components of advertising by means of lowering or eliminating advertising spending on clients who have not displayed some form of affiliation or interest in your offering. .

Example: A radio spot might cost you R4150 per week to get to your target LSM of let’s say 150,000 listeners (That’s aside from production expenses on the content). These clients simply fall within the earnings bracket you’re concentrated on, but you don’t have any way of understanding what percentage of those listeners in reality have a need for your “plumbing services” at this very moment. It could be only 10 at this present moment or as many as a hundred in the future. Subsequently, you need to consistently promote it on the same channel or supplement the marketing efforts and hope for conversions. Then, there is the issue of measuring the value of that marketing campaign. Without being capable of determining the amount of conversions to actual sales it has added, you are truly left in the dark as to what your return on investment is on the marketing campaign. Therefore, this strategy is frequently more aligned with corporations with the luxury of having a steady and substantial budget available for marketing and it is also more suitable for creating longer-term awareness of services or brands.


So, unlike traditional media that needs substantial capital to start and maintain, digital marketing is inexpensive and quick to market. This explains why the most progressive organizations focus on cutting edge technologies and utilize such platforms as Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others. The difference is the goal in this case, to reach the largest possible proportion of relevant target population who can be targeted by their latest online searches, location, income bracket, buying behaviour, age group and many more custom combinations. Your ads are only delivered to a very relevant group of people who, judging by their current behaviour, are very likely to have a need for the service you have to offer.

In this example your R4150 can be spend to reach an audience that is likely the same in number of leads as the radio add, but this time you can have a detailed analysis and a list of actual social media profiles with names and contact details to line up in your sales funnel. Leads that can be marketed to and re-marketed to over a period of using email or other forms of engagement. Digital marketing undeniably allows you to get more accurate measurement of data than almost any traditional marketing active.

This is why it is “the cost – effective way”.


Every campaign can give you endless amounts of information to analyze, tweak or to further streamline your next campaign. All delivered in a much more transparent, faster and measurable way than any traditional marketing campaign.

Why use us?

Social Brand does not overlook the role of traditional marketing approaches altogether. We cleverly involve the use of other options, such as the use of SMS and E-mail, to reach potential buyers in their current situation. We offer appropriate advice and creative services.  Our teams focus on drafting social media plans and campaigns and then distributing them across fitting channels to an extremely targeted population using digital devices and platforms. This we achieve via in-house expertise or outsourcing. We also deal with account management, availing advertising material, as well as media planning and procurement of relevant software. Overall we expand traditional PR to incorporate social media, content streams, events and marketing activation to attract positive and significant social media coverage.

Here is a brief overview of the key roles we fulfill in your account management.

      Content Teams:

Content creation is probably the most time-consuming aspect of social media management. Social Brand makes use of content writers with expertise that drafts professional content. Even the smallest of businesses usually resort to more than one person to design, create, curate and manage content.

     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists:

Your site requires organic traffic. It is very important to ensure that your site rank higher in search engines. Our SEO professionals use both on-page and off-page tactics to draw potential clients to your site. Once clients are on the site, they must get the information they want for them to stay longer and browse around. They must be able to access this information at lightning speeds and move along the process without interruptions and in a sensible pattern. Quality content is essential in this regard. Our SEO employs a lot of strategies to ensure there is persistent growth in your business. This is primarily the responsibility of the SEO experts.

     Social Media Marketing (SSM) Experts:

This is often the cheapest approach when it comes to improving brand awareness. As mentioned before, many people spent the best part of their time online. It is necessary to give them relevant information right where they are, and that is why social media marketing is essential. If close to 14 million people in South Africa is on Facebook, imagine the number of potential customers that can be reached when such a platform is used for advertising business brands. Managing social media is however a full time job and involves constant: Sharing, Engagement, Relationship building, Customer service, Influencer nurturing, Advertising and General management.

     Pay Per Click(PPC) Experts:

PPC campaigns are quite common in digital marketing. The objective here is to pay whenever an ad is clicked by a user. Potential customers are drawn to the site and there the business is promoted or products are sold. PPC is a highly technical field and requires not just the people – it also make use of various tools to make PPC Effective.

     Our Sales Team are our Managers:

Relationship management is the highest priority in our business. When our company receives a project, managers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the expectations of the clients are entirely met. No sales team will ever sell to you and disappear. Your relationship manager is the last line of defense. That’s our commitment.

     Web Design Team:

A web design team is often drafted from internal end external consultants and tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the website is user-friendly and that users get the best Design(UI) and User Experience Design(UX) whenever they visit your online properties.

     And Reports!

Transparent Reports are always on top of our list and presented to assess the quality of our work on the project. Regular assessment is essential for us and it ensures the expectations of clients are met.



The Bottom Line 

While agencies can significantly benefit you, it is vital to be vigilant while selecting the right Agency with the right digital strategy.


Collaborative Working, the core part of a Sharing Economy

Openness….. the idea of transparent access to knowledge or information and the collaborative development of products and services. By embracing these business models we are responding with custom solutions for our changing customer expectations






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